Ghost mannequin

Ghost mannequin or image manipulation is the speciality of changing an image to pass on what you need instead of what the first image may have appeared. Of course, this should be possible for imaginative reasons. Still, since the force of the photo to show genuine portrayals of reality (and the high respect that individuals can hold for a picture as confirmation), this should likewise be possible for reasons of double-dealing. The procedure is sometimes known as airbrushing if the outcome is obtained through a tool called airbrush, named after Adobe Photoshop, the most widely recognized device utilized as a part of the advanced age.

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What is ghost mannequin?

The ghost mannequin tactic involves taking the best features of different images and then combining them to produce an image which looks natural and delivers the intended result. For example, suppose you have a photo of a dog with a background of a beautiful beach, and then you have a gorgeous model in beachwear, but her background is not as impressive.

Ghost mannequin or image manipulation

We take the model from one picture, remove the dog from another photo and place the model in its place. Voila! You got yourself an excellent image that could be used in a beachwear campaign without a separate photoshoot. Handled by a professional, this process results in a picture that looks more natural than it was. You get an audience who loves the perfect photo used in your website, magazine, or other media. The Clipping Outsource exceeds the expectation of its customers in creating beyond imagination manipulated images.

We received two photoshoots of the cloth items giving the front and back parts of the image. At first, we do a clipping path around the front part image and make the background transparent. Secondly, we drag and drop the back part of the image over the transparent layers to adjust the photo to make the image fully occupied. Thirdly, we create a drop shadow over the back, and it creates a depth between two parts of the cloth item, and it looks fully complete image. Eventually, we saved the file in PSD with layer format so you can modify it later.

Samples - neck joint

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Image manipulation is an area of photo editing which requires creativity and experience more than only technical skills. If one is well equipped with the technical abilities to edit images but does not contain an eye for creative enhancement, the image will fail to get the best results, and you will have a worthless picture. Although we believe in humility, we are proud to announce ourselves as the best you can get in this area. Our staff has the perfect combination of creative ability, expertise, experience, and technical skills and hence, our customers get the best-edited images.

You will get the images you would love to exhibit by working with us. Our graphic designers are well trained, groomed and equipped with excellent software packages. We utilise Photoshop, illustrators, etc., to put many features in your image, thus, creating only the perfect pictures. Furthermore, we are proficient at working with every kind of image format, and once we are done, we are capable of sharing the final image in any form you may ask.

The craft of ghost mannequin requires something more than merely specialised abilities and mastery; it needs an abnormal state of imagination and involvement to comprehend an ideal method for displaying the photo. We work intimately with customers to understand what they need to accomplish and make that happen effectively. We utilise various neck joint packages, implying that we can manage any document and help you decide which organisation is best for you.

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