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Image editing is a vast area which consists of various parameters, each of which is targeted to the alteration of the image to enhance its effectiveness. These image enhancement features include color type and saturation correction, red-eye removal, brightness balancing, adjustments related to sharpness, cropping, altering the size of an image, noise reduction, removal of irrelevant objects from the image, color changes in the selected parts of an image, orientation of images, perspective distortion, lens correction, smoothening and sharpening effects, merging images, image slicing, cloning of objects, special effects addition, color corrections, etc. All these features require a lot of time, skills and experience.

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To even out the colored surfaces, we make use of an airbrush. This technique is generally incorporated to get rid of uneven lighting which causes uneven coloring in the image. This is a very useful tool which produces best results if used by an expert. The Clipping Outsource has a pool of resources who excel in using Photoshop tools. Unwanted spots, stains, scratches, dust, the reflection of a camera, shadows, color problems, printing issues, etc. are removed with ease by us and hence, we create an illusion of flawless objects in no significant time. Your image will come out looking as splendid as there was never a problem with the picture.

Wrong distribution of RGB elements can be corrected with a keen eye of observation. We focus on the image and alter any incorrect color value or color disposition. This boosts the important image characteristics without hampering the quality. To acquire an image which is perfect in size, positioning and background are nearly impossible. Therefore, our experts offer to crop, resizing and repositioning services. By applying these techniques, we create a picture which has the size of your liking, and it is positioned in the spot which suits your demand. When we are done, you are free to download the images directly from your account and use them wherever you want. We compress the images to the best possible compression ratio to reduce the loading time. This method saves your valuable time without compromising the image quality.

In the case of apparels, it is a frequent and essential requirement to remove the creases from the image. One way is to iron the apparel and then capture the image, but this is not a practical solution. We have the perfect tools to remove the appearances of creases and fold marks. This is not only applied in the case of apparels but also in the case of bags, wrappers, etc.

Above mentioned is only a summarized list of photo editing features. This should not be assumed to be a complete list of services offered by us. Our proficient photo editors analyze an image before performing any editing features and only after thorough analysis, we conclude the modifications required by the image. Photo editing is not just an enhancement required by an image to look good but in fact, it is a necessity which cannot be negated. Therefore, one must be extra cautious while outsourcing photo editing needs to a service provider.

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