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Image masking is the same kind of photoshop tasks to be used when photography requires to remove the existing background to use a different colour background. We make it easy for you and keep the completed files in the transparent background, so you can use wherever you want.

Photo Masking
Photoshop Image Masking

Although Image masking service is a boon in the removal of the image background, not all images can be enhanced to their full potential by its usage. Especially if the image consists of fur, hair, fuzzy or blurry edges. The implementation of clipping masking can decrease the quality of the picture. Our aim to upgrade the character of your image and, therefore, we do not use photoshop clip masking where the quality is compromised. For this kind of situation, we offer model masking to get the optimum results. The experts at Clipping Outsource excel in Photoshop masking techniques in a way which not only provides detailed but also smoothens the edges of the image. Thus, the picture achieves the consistency and pours out professionalism from every nook and corner.

Image Masking at ClippingOutsource (CO)

When supporting team accept a project, we do not only start working on the modifications with no analysis whatsoever. Instead, our team take the time to analyse the needs of the image and note down the areas of improvement. Even though production team also figure out the requirements of the image in achieving perfection. Hence they do not follow a universal approach to each image, and instead. We adapt ourselves to the fundamental procedure to produce flawless results.

Manual image masking is an intense and complicated process. If one does not have a diverse skill set, then the final product will surely look fake to the viewer. The Clipping Outsource has enough resources and skillsets to enhance the end product with the perfection it deserves. Perfect images after applying masking techniques have delivered to all our clients, and this is the reason why we have the most loyal customers’ database. CO do not work as mere service providers. We work as partners with our customers. As well as listen to their concerns, demands patiently and work with them to ensure that they get the very best.

Work Process

Masking an image is not a simple errand, it’s also both tedious and strenuous. Our group of persevering innovative specialists put their absolute entirety into each Photoshop masking assignment they embrace. The level of trouble in image masking relies on the photo to mask as excellent enumerating is required.

Even though the multifaceted nature of the image masking takes up much time. You can choose the apparatus required for Photoshop masking depending on your need. For instance, hair masking is a test in image masking that is tackled by just the absolute best in the field. We have Photoshop apparatuses and procedures to do the most challenging assignments and to complete them to flawlessness.

Mask layers hold an unmistakably favourable position over different types of masking as they empower to impact a change. Thus bringing about the minimal measure of image contortion. This remarkable masking strategy can connect to any item in a blurred picture for an expert impact or to wind up with an ultra-sharp image for your entry. At Clipping Outsource, we survey your image before choosing the masking technique to give a yield second to none.

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