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If you do not understand the clipping path service, look at the samples bottom of this page. The example shows before and after the photoshop clipping path is applied. Basically, to remove the background from an image or make the background white (Cutout background), a clipping path is drawn and remove its original photograph background.

What is clipping path in Photoshop?

A handmade clipping path or photoshop clipping path is a closed vector path or shape used to remove the existing background of the 2D picture. And Editing software uses the pen tool to keep the selected object in the file. Anything inside the path includes the thing after being cut out around the edge of an image. On the other hand, the outside of the clipping path excludes the picture. Therefore, the clipping path separates background from a photo and uses any color as a background for the image.

Do you want to try our clipping path service before placing any orders?

You can apply for the clipping image service as a free trial. However, we only offer a free trial that takes less than 1 hour of clipping path. We guarantee a perfect hand-drawn clipping path on time. The price for our clipping path service is comparatively lower than any other competitors, which begins at 0.39 USD per image. Check out our complete price list for other image editing services.

Multiple clipping path means:

As we know handmade clipping path is drawn to separate image objects or remove their background. So, why do you need a multi clipping path? Well, suppose you have one chair, and it has many parts, for example, wheels, cushions, handles, etc. In one photographed picture with the same physical structure but different colors. So, to avoid the photoshoot costs or lack of time, you may want to publish the chair online or in other media but with all colors.

In this case, you need a multi clipping path service. Later, select all the paths individually and apply the color of each part of the chair. As a result, you can save your time and money by doing multi-paths without taking a photoshoot for each chair. However, the multi-clipping path applies to chairs and other products requiring color correction for individual parts of the product, model, etc.

So, who needs Photoshop clipping path or multi clipping path services?

It depends on the industries; however, mainly e-commerce, photographers, newspaper agencies, advertising agencies or graphics studios are the target users for different photo editing services. They use their product images to represent and sell to customers. So, the handmade clipping path helps to make the product background white or other background colors that make the products visible in detail.

Benefits you receive for outsourcing clipping path service from us:

  • Rush delivery and support 24/7 hours.
  • Monthly billing options.
  • Highly skilled DTP operators maintain clipping path quality.
  • Payment options. PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer.
  • FTP, Dropbox, Onedrive, Wetransfer file sharing.
  • Special discount for more than 4000 images.

Image Clipping Path onto White Background Sample

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