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Photo Editing Services

Handmade Clipping Path

Clipping Path helps to cut out a selected image from its original background. And we are experts with handmade clipping paths using the Photoshop Pen tool. Therefore, you can use the clipped image on a pure white background or any background you need.

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Clipping Paths

Photoshop Clipping Mask

Photo Masking

Clipping Path and Image Masking relatively same image cut out services to use the image on white background later. Clipping Outsource’s professional photo editors use the Adobe Photoshop to make clipping masking technique when an image has hair, fur or any soft edge area. When a hand-drawn clipping path can not take details of a photo, image clipping masking is required to cut out the picture precisely.

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Drop Shadow Service

We create Drop Shadow using Photoshop for your images to give a visual effect that gives an impression of the object that rises above the shadow.

  • Get a discount for more than 500 images.
  • Only pay when you are satisfied.
  • Quality assured free correction in any issues.
Photoshop Drop Shadow

Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Online

Here Image manipulation is referred to as a ghost mannequin that joins either the neck part or other parts of the clothes. When you do photography in the mannequin or dummy, the neck needs to be merged to view the cloth items completely. Ask for a Free Trial.

Image Retouching Services

Photo retouching requires when the photo needs to be fixed, either removing spots, dust, sketch, blur or imperfection of the image. Our Photo retouchers are experts in handling the image retouching task. Contact us, and we will take care of your photographs.

Image retouching
Photo Editing Services
Image editing

Photo Editing service consists of all image processing services. For example, image cropping, photo resizing, photo enhancement, image shading, and color correction are used in e-commerce websites or other publications. We provide the entire photo editing services with a reasonable price. To know more about our working quality before take our Free Trial option. 

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