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Starting basic plan

Drop Shadow

$0.39 per image

Background Removal

$0.29 per image

Ghost Mannequin

$0.89 per image

Clipping path at 0.29 ¢

Every pixel is taken care of with a handmade clipping path to remove the background.

Image masking at 0.99 ¢

Every pixel is taken carefully when masking the background around the hair and furs.

Photo retouching at 0.99 ¢

Retouching the model or product surface is carefully done by our photo retouchers.

Color varient at 0.29 ¢

Every pixel is taken care of with a handmade clipping path to remove the background.

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General questions are answered from our experiences.

It depends on the complexity of editing tasks and the number of images that needs to proceed. Contact us to get your exact estimate.

Yes, we have special offers if you have more than thousands of images or regular editing tasks. You are highly requested to contact us to get the best price.

We do not take a more extended period to clip or edit the trial images. However, it may take 1-3 hours.

You do not need a trial for every order, while most will be similar kinds. However, a newly required job can be trialled, but you will be charged a small amount.

It depends on how you want us to estimate. If you are a regular client, we will set a flat rate and will not change the price list. The price can vary if your quote image is not quite similar to the actual order.

We accept most credit card payments. However, PayPal, Bank transfers, and wire transfers are available. Please let us know your convenient method of payment.

We can proceed with thousand of images every day. We can complete 4 thousand different clipping paths with our existing client.

First of all, we follow all the instructions provided by our clients. So, there is little chance for mistakes. In case misled the instruction. We’ll correct the order without extra charge.

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