Leadership Team

Gopal Roy

He is the current chairman in ClippingOutsource.com since 2014. We started as a family business. We were only five people when we started. Now are a medium-large outsourcing company established in a rural area in Dinajpur, Bangladesh.

Clipping Outsource has been expanding its footprints globally. Excellent customer relationship, ensuring superior quality image editing, the flexibility of price to the demanding marketplace, as well as taking care of colleagues, are the key roles. We have received a couple of times the best awards for an outsourcing company in Dinajpur, Bangladesh from the Bangladesh Govt administration. We are also contributing some social activities such as blood donation, student scholarship.

Sudhir Barman at Clipping Outsource.

Sudhir Kumar Barman
Production Manager

He comes from a different of backgrounds in the designing industry. He has ten years of work experience in designing and highly passionate about the graphic design industry. He is exhibitor the planning how to work, scheduling which work distribution urgent, consistency and management of technical procedure.

A production manager is a manager who makes sure the production of work in the e-commerce market. Production manager manages employee how to modify their work inspired to contribute their job. It is not only the manager but also huge responsibility, because he knows that when a company workload how to manage ClippingOutsource team. The managing director also ensures that the job description, file transfer method, time duration. This job depends on how far it will need work time on the employer and back to the clients. I have a responsible how to work delivery to maintain quality. We will ensure that our company fulfils your all kind of work necessary within due time. Somehow if we face any trouble to provide your job we have the different backup team to manage this coincidence. However, we would not disappoint you. We must maintain job satisfaction. Our team working procedure is now world-class, and we know what is going on in the modern world in graphic design field.

The job may vary consequently to the several designs the primary duties and responsibilities are provided detail in this job description to the employee and designer. On the other hand, production manager, also responsible review all work and correction as for where need.

Supporting Team

Clipping Outsource team.