File Sharing


How to Upload-Download your files with us?

You can transfer your files in many ways, and some of the processes are briefly explained how to use.

Our website upload or download process

  • You should be logged in your account via our website using your user accounts credentials such as your username and password. Go to Upload your files section. Click to select files and choose the files from your local system then click to upload button. Presently we are allowing till 100mb in size for one image or file, but you can upload the unlimited quantity of files to your account. Contact us.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) FileZilla client

  • FTP FileZilla client software is famous for all operating systems to transfer files. Send your request to get your FTP account credentials, but you must be a registered user on our website. If you do not know how to use FTP, See our FTP tutorial. transfer process

  • Somebody likes to use, and if you are one of them, that is good please visit It is convenient to upload files freely up to 2 GB size file but unlimited to upload files to the sample recipient. It also has a premium option for up to 10 GB size for each transaction. transfer process

  • Dropbox yields are almost similar to the It has free storage up to 2 GB but the best thing is, it has previewed option and can select particular files to share with us. Check out how works.

From your FTP account or server

  • It works in the same way we provide FTP credentials. Create FTP account from your Cpanel or some other means. Send us your FTP credentials so that we can connect to your server and download the specified files. We can also upload the completed files to your server while the permission is given to us.

Other upload-download processes

Indeed there are many other methods you can use for sharing your files between us. Mostly they are free, and some of them have a premium package. Although we prefer to use our website Uploader or FTP to keep the files in the same place without limitations for a particular period.