Photo Drop Shadow in Details

How Does Drop Shadow Bring Magic to Professional or Personal Photography?

Like all other features that a photo editor provides, Drop Shadow is one of these which has been used widely throughout the time to give images and pictures a more natural look. Photo editing software majorly contributes to the advancement of editing technology and provides users with an option to enhance their views further. It is necessary for the picture to add to the process as well because editing alone cannot give the result that one might be looking.

The Drop Shadow technique might look simple, but in reality, it is not something that can be quickly done by just anyone. Providing the pictures with quality editing doesn’t mean to make them flashy by applying a lot of filters. Providing the right tone is more important than others. Even the photographer in the photo studio nearby might be using the technique for a proper result. Making the pictures look real is what the method is all about.


There is a need for images to look real if they are to look attractive and to gain the attention of the people. Pictures that do not look real are often unattractive, and some might even give negative vibes to those who took them. The Drop Shadow technique works by providing shadow to the images which they do not have. Identification of objects is the first step, and then the method gives a shadow to the objects. For purposes, which do have a shadow but look improper or unclear, the technique gives them a shadow which is similar to that of a natural shadow. The shadow, thus, comes to be more natural.

Photo editing tool might be used to apply this technique when there is a need to change the background, but it is not acceptable to lose the quality of the shadow. This technique then provides the variety of the shadow even if the background is changed. The purpose that this technique serves is quite clear now, however, it is also necessary for people to understand that it is best done by people who have specialized knowledge about it. Professionals will be able to add the required effect to perfection. Those, who do it without any knowledge of it, might end up doing too much or too little change to the picture.

How is it done?

The process is technical but straightforward. The first thing that is needed to do is to create a base on which the real image can be elevated and then, the resolution is altered. This is done so that the quality of the picture is not ruined in the process. The Drop Shadow effect is then used on the image so that the shadows are correctly formed. For the shadows to look natural, they might be altered in a way that shows them to be a bit inclined. This will help give the image a three-dimensional look and will also add a natural look to the picture. It is easier for effect to be applied to more significant objects. The shadow should match the object that it is associated with because if they do not match, there is no actual use of the whole effect.