Beyond Business

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Clipping Outsource believes Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential part of making the world a better planet of living. In many ways, we can take responsibilities to change the global crisis and make the earth a better place for all of our communities. If we all take our initial steps to make the world a better place from our every capability, then it is entirely possible to make the world more beautiful and happy livelihood.

Clipping Outsource Scholarship

Student Scholarship

Among many CSR programmes, We give our attention to education and health. We think these two factors need our attention. Since Clipping Outsource is a Bangladesh based outsourcing company, we have observed that many students cannot go to school due to their poverty and work as day labor while they are the talented student or required nurturing for being educated. We think, there is no alternative way of making society better without being educated.

Therefore, we Clipping Outsource are contributing to education sponsoring scholarship programmes for students who are genuinely from a low-income family or talented as well.

Clipping Outsource BloodCamp

Blood Donation Camp​

As a social responsibility, we also undertake campaign like donating blood, since there is no substitute of blood. We also take care of employees health, giving medical benefits.

Some of the employees at Clipping Outsource has donated blood to the needy person more than 15 times. We know blood has no substitute but only blood. We are motivated to donate blood within our capabilities to save another life.

Our Endeavor + Your Contribution = Better world

If you want to see the world a better place, willing to help others but don’t find a place where exactly it is needed. We at Clipping Outsource giving you the opportunity to contribute as much as you like. Your contribution will help us to expand the campaign of Corporate Social Responsibility.