About us

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our organization. We, at the Clipping Outsource, believe in providing fast and affordable photo enhancement services. Our professionals are well equipped with the best software. We know the worth of the latest software and, therefore, we upgrade each software from time to time. This is an essential aspect of our services because this opens the door to the implementation of the latest available methods to keep our clients happy and not to deprive them from any trending feature. You can consider The Clipping Outsource Company as your photo studio, which takes care of your every image editing needs.

At Clipping Outsource we work day and night to produce the best quality images, and we update the current status of the assignment undertaken in the system. If you have an account on our website, you can easily track the status of your job by just clicking your mouse. Clipping Outsource ensures that our customers are not left in the dark and, therefore, any time they have a query, we will connect with them within a few hours. With us working on their projects, they get the feeling of watching us all the way to the end of the project.

Irrespective of the size of the assignment in hand, we make it a priority to deliver it as early as possible without compromising the quality. If the job is highly complex, then we take about 24 hours, and the shortest assignments do not take more than a few hours for their completion. The credit of this perfection goes directly to our talented staff. While we are taking care of your image quality, you don’t need to worry about anything. Just leave the photo editing task with us, and we’ll take care of it.

Reason for low-cost services than any competitor’s:

Having our production house in low labor cost region, are advantages to provide clients with cheap photo editing services without compromising any quality of work. We have given price idea on the pricing page, but we encourage you to contact us to get more facilities that we time being available in our production house. Check out our Price.

Quick service

Image editing is a time-consuming task while you may have a tight deadline. You have hundreds or thousands of images to be edited regularly. You want to outsource your image editing task. We will process your images as per requirements and return you within 1-24 hours. Get your quote in 20 minutes.

Best price

Clipping path or drop shadow service starts at $0.39 USD per image. We believe the price is affordable and fair. Send your sample files and ask for a quote, because each job may not be the same, the price will vary on their complexity as well. Only pay after the job is done. We have several payment options (Order by or Monthly). Let us know which one suit for you.

Quality guaranteed

We have been serving image editing for more than a decade. We know what high-quality image matters to customers. You pay when you are satisfied after receiving the job. That's the way we guarantee good quality of photo editing or other services. Check out what our customer experiences.

Team dedication

The aim is to provide 24 hrs dedicated service. Whenever you need assistance, ClippingOutsource is ready to serve. You will be happy while working with us. We have a friendly working environment, and we enjoy what we do. You get the email response within a tea break. Or chat via skype: clippingpathoutsource