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Clipping path with image editing services that we offer

Hand-made Clipping Path

Clipping Path in Photoshop is used to draw an outline around the image edge and cut it out precisely from its existing background. A high-quality clipping path is only possible when the Photoshop pen tool is used manually. However, our expert photo editors can draw a perfect clipping path, and as a result, any color background can be used for the cutout image.

  • A discount for regular clipping path & drop shadow is available.
  • Only pay when you are satisfied.
  • Quality assured free correction in any issues.
Hand made clipping path service needs to remove the original background and replace the same object into a different background.

Image Masking

Image Masking or Clipping masking is the same term for removing background from an image without losing photo details. For example, photographs with hair, fur, or transparent clothes must be visible. So, doing a clipping path won’t work. That is why the photoshop image masking Service is required. Above all, we guarantee 100% perfect background removal services. Therefore, you may try our offers.

  • Less price for more than 500 images.
  • Pay when you are satisfied.
  • Free correction in any issues.
Clipping Path with Image Masking

Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow or Image Shading is created based on photography of the product or modifying the natural Shadow as per customer requirements. Whichever image shading service you need, indeed, our professional photo editor can create. Consequently, the shadow effect on images provides a good impression. As a result, your product sell volume will increase.

Clipping Path to Natural shadow

Ghost Mannequin

Joining two or more parts of a product, merging the neck part of clothes removing the dummy or mannequin, then the product looks complete. This image manipulation is referred to as a ghost mannequin service. If you want to publish a product online and don’t want to show an overlapped dummy on clothes, this ghost mannequin or image manipulation effect is needed.

But you don’t know how to do it, or you don’t have time to do it. No problem, our highly skilled image retoucher in Clipping Outsource can do ghost mannequins. Indeed, you can apply for a free trial for any image editing services you badly need in a short time.

Ghost Mannequin - Image Editing Services

About Clipping Outsource

We offer low cost but high-quality image processing services. Quality image editing certainly matters to impress target clients for selling your products via e-commerce store or different online media.

So, Clipping Outsource is an offshore graphic design studio that provides all photo editing, vector conversion and CMS services worldwide. Presently, we are operating in two different countries. Hence you will get support 24 hours. Every day, thousands of images are processed in our production house.

Anyway, Our specialization area is in hand-drawn clipping pathDrop Shadow, image retouchingimage maskingPhotoshop alpha maskingghost mannequin or neck joint, and many Photoshop, Illustrator and CMS services.

Pricing For Graphic Design Services

Drop Shadow Service

$0.20/per image
1 to 500 images = 0.30 $
500 to 1000 images = 0.25 $
More than 1000 images = 0.20 $

Clipping Path service

$0.39/per image
Clipping complexity #1 = 0.89 $
Clipping complexity #2 = 1.39 $
Clipping complexity #3 = 2.39 $
Clipping complexity #4 = 3.39 $


$0.99/per image
Retouching complexity #1 = 1.99 $
Retouching complexity #2 = 2.99 $
Retouching complexity #3= 3.99 $
All Photoshop Image Editing Services
Even more services
Vector conversion

A raster image is not reusable due to its pixel. Also, imperfect to enlarge the image for printing. So, a raster to vector conversion is needed. We provide vector conversion services as well. However, let us know your requirements, and then we will offer you a reasonable price for any raster to vector conversion service.

Web development (CMS)

You want your website to be built in Content Management System (CMS), but you are out of time. No problem, our CMS developer can customize your website upon requirements. Currently, we are using WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal for CMS websites. For a free quote, please get in touch with us, and we will negotiate a price based on your needs. However, as per the discussion, we can use different CMS.

Web image optimization

A consumer buys products only when the product is visible. So, just taking product photographs and publishing them online will not impress consumers to purchase the product. Or, you advertise a lot of products online frequently. As a result, you want the remove background, image retouching, photo editing, image resizing, etc., to fit in your e-commerce shop. We provide all product photo editing services, so send a free trial or ask for a free quote.

Special offer for clipping path on volume of 4000 images yearly.

3000+ Happy Clients

My colleague suggested for outsourcing my expensive image editing tasks. I found Clipping Outsource, and they are fabulous with promises about the lower price, and quick turnaround. Thanks to your entire team.

Rauno Johansson
Photographer, Finland

My order was completed in 3 hours, but originally the order deadline was around 12 hours. I am speechless to say thanks, but a great thump up. I will be sending another 500 images order tomorrow.

Schneider Dennis
Photographer, Gelnhausen, Germany

Thank you - everything looks great and we will very likely be reaching out for future work. As always, thank you for the hard work. Please let your team know how appreciative we are, and I will let you know when we have additional work for you.

Erik Schwan
SR. Designer, USA

I've checked the FTP and found the completed files. They look beautiful. Thank you very much for the great work and great corrections as well. I'll process my images to the client, and I am sure they'll be happy with the results.

Content Manager, USA

What I can say you guys are fantastic. My order has been done within turnaround, and I am pleased with your price. Of course, I will use your services in the future and I already shared your info with my colleagues they will keep in touch with you.

Graphic Designer, Australia

Honestly, I had doubts about how this guy offers unbelievable price, then I asked for a free trial. My suspicion went away when I observed their quality of clipping path to remove the background of my images. I am happy with their quality of clipping path, faster response and quick delivery.

Melissa Jenski
Product Development & Merchandising Coordinator, USA
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